Nies Homes

Nies Homes is known for building some of the most distinguished custom homes in Wichita and the surrounding area. With a passion for superior quality and construction plus a strong connection with its customers and vendors, Nies has developed into a company people have trusted for more than five decades. Careful attention to timeless architecture, handcrafted elements and lasting perfection can be found in each home. Through an unmatched and streamlined building process, clients know their home is built with quality craftsmanship and features the latest trends in home design. The end result is a beautiful custom home built to match your unique lifestyle.

For Sale

Montpilier Front Elevation
$723,991 5 beds / 4.5 baths
2602 sq.ft.
Estates of GardenWalk
Nottingham Front Elevation
$349,980 4 beds / 3.5 baths
961 sq.ft.
Lakeway at Cornerstone
$398,008 4 beds / 3.5 baths
1754 sq.ft.
Lakeway at Cornerstone
Norfolk II Front Elevation
$488,238 5 beds / 3.5 baths
1845 sq.ft.
Avondale Main Level
$779,222 5 beds / 5.5 baths
2327 sq.ft.
Lancaster Front Elevation
$1,249,148 5 beds / 5.0 baths
3103 sq.ft.
The Province

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